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Working with go-ipld-prime

A deep dive into the go-ipld-prime library for working with IPLD data. In the form of a worked example of reading and writing a linked list of events on IPFS.

DAG JOSE week one update

This has been the first week I’ve worked on the dag-jose implementation for Go (which I introduced here). I’ve been focusing on exploring the go-ipld-prime codebase and building a proof of concept implementation of the dag-jose format. I’ve build a basic library which reads JWS’s written by the javascript implementation and verifies them, and writes JWS’s which the javascript implementation is able to read and verify.

DAG JOSE Project Intro

The Ethereum Foundation and Protocol Labs are funding me (managed via a partnership between 3Box and Textile) to work on an implementation of JOSE in IPLD to enable interoperable encrypted and/or signed application data in IPFS.


TLDR; I’ve been working with a few other people to build a rust port of the Automerge CRDT. The core library is nearly done and I’m starting to think about what we can use it for.

Notes on setting up gitlab CI

At Maker Labs we’ve been working on a Django project with a javascript frontend using React and Redux. Both projects have a significant number of tests and I wanted to have a CI setup running tests on each branch and updating the branch status. As it turns out it was so easy to add deployment that I ended up setting up continuous deployment too.